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Mount Spokane State Park

Mount Spokane State Park
26107 North Mount Spokane Park Drive

Mount Spokane State Park is a 13,919-acre camping park in the Selkirk Mountains. The view at the top of the 5,883-foot elevation includes surrounding states and Canada. The forested park features stands of old-growth timber and granite rock outcroppings. In winter, the park receives 300 inches of snow.

Historical Information

The mountain has been called Mount Carlton and Mount Baldy. The road to the top was constructed by Francis H. Cook in 1912. The area was the first state park east of the Cascades, and the Civilian Conservation Corps accomplished the initial development. The mountain has been a popular ski area since 1950. The area has undergone destruction by fire and construction by development since then. The park, the city, the river, and most everything else in the area derive its name from an Indian word which, most experts agree, means sun.

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